g Mermaid, Inc. Branding and Graphic Design

WHO WE ARE|We Are an Award-Winning NYC Design Studio

We are experts in brand identity, print design & website development. We believe that brands are living things. Our fluid approach to creativity allows brands to flow & adapt to today's constantly changing markets.


WHAT WE DO|We Offer a Deep Range of Services

We believe that every brand lives in its own ecosystem. We discover what is special about your brand & help you dive into each of its facets: from Logotype & Logomark Design, Brand Identity, Brochures & Collateral, Marketing Materials and Campaign Strategy, to Website Design & Site Architecture.


HOW WE CREATE|We Start With Your Why

We believe the answer to this question is key to creating a brand that is as distinctive as your fingerprint. We ask questions that push you think about your company & its future, in ways that you never have before.


GET IN TOUCH|Let’s Create Something Stunning Together!

Whether you’re looking to build a new brand, refresh an existing one or just need a new website, we're here to help!