We are an award-winning NYC brand identity & graphic design studio, driven by curiosity & passion.

For almost 25 years, we have helped small businesses & entrepreneurs become successful by creating powerful branding, marketing & graphic design. Our superpower lies in our intuitive ability to understand your vision deeply, then create branding that resonates with it.

Our fluid approach to creativity and our agile, startup mindset allow the brands we create to evolve, and to be flexible & adaptive to changing times & perceptions.

We start with your “Why”

We believe it's vital to each client's success that their brand reflects their “Why.” It's the only way they can truly differentiate from their competition & connect with their customers. Our process uncovers what made them decide to do what they do. What they believe in. What they are bringing to the world, and “why.” Our process will increase their bottom line, based on studies showing that consumers make decisions driven by emotional connections. They buy “why” you do something, not “what” you do.

WE Question

First, we ask lots of questions. We like to get inside your vision, to know everything about you - your dreams & goals, your past & future.

WE Dream

We work in the space between a client's vision & their end product. In this in-between space, we make visual connections between their dreams and their tangibility.

WE Create

Now we’re ready to create the brand strategy & design. We develop a wide range of concepts that are the result of our questions, research & dreams.

WE Deliver

Now it’s time to show the world what we’ve created with you.

How we are different

We don't use templates - we approach each project with a blank slate. By discovering our client's “why,” we are able to understand their every nuance, their business, vision and audience, to create branding & marketing that is unique to them.

When you work with us, you have direct contact with the actual creators. This enables us to truly collaborate with you and nail the concept direction the first time, which will ultimately save you time & money.

WAIT ...What's with the mermaid?

We believe that creativity isn't a solid thing. It's a fluid process. For us, the fluid world mermaids inhabit is an excellent metaphor for the fluid-state-of-mind philosophy needed to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business environment. Hence Mermaid, Inc.'s tagline, "Fluid Creativity."

GET IN TOUCH|Let’s Create Something Stunning Together!

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