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National Resources, a real estate & investment firm, approached Mermaid, Inc. to design an investor book to showcase their specialization in preserving historic buildings, and in re-developing industrial sites to transform them into unique living spaces & workplaces.


This client does not build cookie-cutter buildings. They use sustainable & recycled materials in all of their developments. To represent this visually, we glued together reclaimed wood & recycled metal to create the book's covers. There is a tactile & visual surprise when touching the wood front cover of the brochure and opening it to reveal a 4c photo printed on the recycled metal on the inside front cover. This 68-page-plus cover brochure is broken into 7 chapters that represent the firm's corporate philosophy, including "Preserving the Old", "Reclaiming the Waterfront" & "Preserving the Future". This book documents their preservation of resources & their commitment to the future.


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BROCHURE: Creativity International Gold, Graphis Silver, Graphic Design USA


for the way we live today


The outside front & back covers are made of recycled wood which is mounted on the brushed alumimum inside front & back covers. The recycled wood gives each cover a unique look. There are 4-color photos printed on the the brushed aluminum inside covers. The 76 text pages are perfect bound with the covers.